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Welcome to Department of Physics

The Department of Physics was established in 1970 in the university with the basic policy to teach Pure and Applied Physics. It graduated her first crop of students, four in number, in 1973. The department also offered courses in the applied areas including Geophysics and Electronics and Biophysics, Material and Metallurgical Science  which are now full-fledged options. It provides a simulating and supportive environment which encourages students to be receptive of new ideas and helps them attain full academic potentials. Training of manpower with strong physics background is a requisite for development of technology in the country. In the mid-seventies and due to the aspiration of the government to develop nuclear power plant for peaceful purposes, the Engineering Physics programme was introduced. The department runs two programmes: (i) Physics and (ii) Industrial Physics separately at undergraduate levels. Successful graduates are awarded B.Sc, degrees accordingly. Over the years, there has been a remarkable thrust in diverse areas of research within the department including Geophysics/Exploration Geophysics, Material Science/Metallurgy/Solar Energy, Theoretical Physics/Mathematical Physics, Biophysics/Medical Physics/Biomechanics, Electronics. among other emerging areas. The department remains committed to collaborating with relevant government agencies, industries and private sectors in the areas of trainings, research and development. It is the hope and aspiration of the Department of Physics that an alumnus of the department would have acquired adequate knowledge and skills to perform a job efficiently in diverse fields such as science, engineering, survey, education, banking, development planning, business, public service etc where qualities of physics- precision and accuracy, analytical mind, logical thinking, clarity of thought and expression, systematic approach, qualitative and quantitative decision are required.

The Department through the approval of the University Senate in 1988 created the department of Optometry from the Department of Physics; and also approved the introduction of the Applied Geophysics option in 2016.